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  • Renmark Riverfront, South Australia
  • Saturday 12°
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There's more to swimming, skiing and getting wet here at BIG4 Renmark. Along the foreshore we have a Giant Chess Set for you and your family to play with. This activity challenges the mind outside of the long family car rides.

Chess is a very popular game and is known as one of the oldest games still played. To win, just use your pieces to create a situation where the opponent's King is unable to avoid capture - commonly called checkmate!

  • Place the Rooks in the corners of each board
  • Place the Knights next to the Rooks
  • Place the Bishops next to the Knights
  • Place the Queen in the center of her colour
  • Place the King in the last empty spot in that row
  • Place the Pawns in the row in front of the other pieces

Want to know more? Then take a look at this guide to playing Chess.

If you're in need of an activity to build up a sweat, then head over to our Kangaroo Jumper and bounce away your energy.


Seconds count in a cardiac arrest. BIG4 Renmark is proud to support Restart a Heart Day by having a defibrillator on site.

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